• Mar 5th          The Tyne Bar,Newcastle....(3pm start) (band)
  • Apr 2nd          The Strugglin Blues Club, Sunderland (duo)
  • Apr 3rd           The Head of Steam, Leeds (duo)
  • Apr 21st         Sedgefield Blues Club (duo)
  • Apr 29th         Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (band)
  • May 14th        Bradford Blues Club (duo)
  • May 28th          Maggie Bank, N. Shields (band....4.00pm start)
  • Jun 4th             Harlepool Supporters Club (duo...4.00pm start)
  • Jun 17th           Durham Blues Blues Festival (band)
  • Jun 18th           Cleethorpes Blues Festival (band)
  • Jun 24th           Private Party (band)
  • Jun 25th           Monkey Junk, Cluny (duo)
  • July 2nd           The Tyne Bar, Newcastle (band)
  • July 9th            Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (duo)
  • July 14th          The Cleveland Bay, Yarm (band)
  • Aug  2nd          The Quakerhouse, Darlington (band)
  • Aug 3rd            Acoustic Room, Magnesia Bank, N. Shields (duo)
  • Aug 11th          Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (band)
  • Aug 25th          Whitburn Cricket Club(band)
  • Sept 2nd          Fausto's Coffe Shop, Sunderland (duo)
  • Sept 8th           The Quakerhouse, Darlington (band - part of the Darlington Blues Festival
  • Sept 29th         Cleveland Bay (band)
  • Oct 7th             Southport Blues Festival (duo)
  • Oct 14th           The Globe, Newcastle (band)
  • Oct 21st           Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (band)
  • Nov 5th            Billy Bootleggers, Newcastle (duo)
  • Nov 9th            Beamish Folk and Acoustic (duo)
  • Nov 18th          Festival - TBA
  • Nov 26th          Mainsforth Community Centre (duo) Parkinson's Charity Event
  • Dec   8th          Darlington Blues Club Christmas Party (band) support for Eugene Hideaway Bridges Band
  • Dec 10th          The Herb Garden, N. Shields(duo)
  • Dec 29th          Cluny, Newcastle (band)

  • Jan 25th         Launderette Sessions, Durham (duo)
                    'Tour of The South'  - Band   
  • Mar 6th           Tuesday Night Music Club, Hooley, Surrey           
  • Mar 7th           Anchor Inn, Sevenoaks
  • Mar 8th           Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs
  • Mar 9th          The Rock and Blues Club, Southend on Sea
  • Mar 10th         Blues at Barleylands, Billericay
  • May 27th        Tyne Bar, Newcastle (band)
  • Sept 22nd       Cheviot Folk Club (duo)